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Case Study: TefTEC Filters Protect Stored Citrus Juice

Application: Tank Vent Filtration in a Citrus Juice Plant

Previous Product Used: Cuno MicroFluor II 0.2 micron

Graver Product: Graver Technologies Teftec 0.2-10P7V



A Florida based citrus juice processing plant needed to use vent filters to prevent bacteria, mold spores, particulate matter and water from entering the juice storage tanks. Ingress of these contaminants could cause spoilage of the juice.

The customer had decided to use PTFE membrane filters due to their hydrophobicity, which prevents water from entering, and their tight micron rating, which assures retention of bacteria, mold and other spoilage microorganisms. The system was sized to allow use of four 10” single cartridge filter housings. This system was selected to allow fitment under low ceilings and to allow sufficient air flow into the tank during juice removal to prevent implosion or damage to the tank.

Initially this customer used Cuno MicroFluor PTFE filters in 0.2 micron rating. However, they decided to evaluate and try Graver's Teftec Series PTFE membrane filter. The Graver Teftec series is manufactured using state-of-the-art Goretex expanded PTFE membrane and is backed with a complete qualification guide on its performance.


  • Graver Teftec filters delivered longer life by withstanding repeated CIP (clean-in-place) sanitizations, with no decline in performance.

  • Graver’s reduced filter unit cost resulted in significant savings for the customer.

Green Synergy Engineering is the sole distributor of Graver Technology Liquid Process Filters in Malaysia. Contact us to find out more about our products and services.

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