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Cleaning & Regeneration of Porous Metal Filters

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Filter cartridges eventually will become clogged by contaminants that are removed from the fluid stream. It is possible to extend the maximum life of the filters by following the prescribed cleaning methods. Metal filters can be regenerated to perform at up to 95% of their clean, differential pressure. Water used in these procedures should be filtered to the same micron rating as the final filter used in the process train to avoid recontaminating the filters. Be sure to wear the appropriate protective clothing, gloves and a face shield when handling chemicals.

Types of contaminants:

  • Inorganics: These are considered non-carbon containing contaminants such as metals, salts, oxides and hydroxides.

  • Organic: Typically petroleum based compounds such as oil, grease, wax, gums, tars and polymers.

  • Biological: Protein based contamination such as bacterial, algae and food or plant material. Since the contaminants can occur in combination, it may be necessary to utilize more than one cleaning method or cleaning agent.

Cleaning methods:

  1. Backwash

  2. Soak or Circulation

  3. Furnace

For the full details on the cleaning methods listed above, download our guide on the Suggested Cleaning/Regeneration Method for Porous Metal Filters.

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