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Filtration for Paints & Coatings

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Paint filtration involves paints, oils, varnishes and lacquers that may be very thin and low-viscosity in nature, to very heavy, thixotropic liquids. The percent solids of a coating could vary from zero (when filtering solvents or water) to 100% solids, such as pure linseed oil. It is important to match the filter with the quality desired in the end product.

Have you also noticed that some paints peel or form craters after it dries, while others don't? That's because your paint might contain silicone. Silicone is a release agent and even minute amounts can make it less effective in sticking onto a surface.

Liquid filtration is essential to ensure that contaminants such as airborne particles, unmixed products or skins which have formed are removed. Unfortunately, using the wrong filter could cause silicone contamination. Threads on filter bags or fiber additives and dyes on filter media may contain silicones. Even lubricants on the filter media production equipment and cleaning materials may contain silicone.

We offer a series of depth, pleated, and specialty filters which are made for the paint and coating industries, where precautions are taken from the manufacturing stage to eliminate any sources of silicone. Click on the products below to download the data sheet.

  • PMG Series Glass Fiber Cartridges: High efficiency, economical Borosilicate Microfiberglass filter with excellent flow rates & exceptional service life. Nominally-rated with a positive charge that aids in the retention of negatively charged particulates.

  • Stratum™C Series High Performance Melt Blown Filter Cartridges: Multi-zone melt blown depth filter with a true graded pore structure. Thermally bonded fibers for high void volume and long on-stream life. Available in precise 90% removal efficiencies from 0.5 to 75 microns.

  • Coax™ Melt Blown Filter Series: Two stage graded density melt blown depth filter Maximizes dirt holding and useful life. Inert pure polyolefin construction, non-shedding media.

  • RTEC™ Series Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges: Rigid acrylic fiber/phenolic resin construction prevents unloading even at high differential pressures. Grooved outer surface increases surface area for longer on-stream life. Available in a wide range of removal efficiencies from 1 to 100 microns.

  • GSC Series Single-Cartridge Filter Housings: 316 stainless steel single shell construction for quick spill-free cartridge replacement. Drains/Vent built in. Flow rates of up to 7 GPM (26.5 lpm) per 10" filter cartridge. Housing pressure drop is 0.6 PSID at 7 GPM (40mbar @ 26.5 lpm).

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