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Have you heard of Wastewater Beer?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

A Canadian brewery has taken a bold step in deciding to brew one of it's most popular ales in a new way in hopes that beer lovers and customers will embrace a new possibility in beer-making.

Village Brewery has teamed up with University of Calgary researchers and U.S. water technology company Xylem to create a limited-edition batch of 1,600 cans using wastewater with the objective to show consumers that dirty water can be perfectly safe to drink no matter how it was previously used, as long as it is filtered properly.

Although the idea began as a joke, their stunt is now helping to draw attention to the world's shrinking supply of water, sparking serious conversations about sustainability through repurposed water. Water is essential not only for our bodily functions, but for hygiene purposes which help reduce diseases and illnesses. With water consumption increasing across the globe and populations booming, industries should find more water-efficient ways to operate.

Projects such as wastewater beer could inspire more solutions to water shortages, and lead to widespread awareness and adoption. While there is an increasing number of consumers opting to support businesses who are socially and environmentally responsible, some may have to be educated on the effectiveness of filtration processes to get past the initial disgust that may be perceived when drinking "wastewater" comes to mind.

The fact is, the technology is there and available for working with alternative water sources such as wastewater, grey water and stormwater to produce safe practices for both potable and non-potable end-uses. The science is convincing, especially if one considers that natural systems have been purifying water for millions of years. Today, we can count on quality filtration products that combine years of research and innovation to produce even better results.

Get in touch to learn more about filtration products that are suited for brewery applications.

Did you know that beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world? Read more about it here.

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