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Soft Drink Filtration

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Did you know that sodas were once sold as medicinal drinks? Carbonated water was created to imitate spring water which had reputed therapeutic values in the 17th century. Mineral salts and flavours were added in the 19th century when improvements in manufacturing processes allowed a much greater output.

Today, each recipe begins with filtered water which makes up about 85% of the drink. The rest is syrup, with recipes containing carefully measured ingredients - natural and artificial colouring and flavouring, and one or more types of sugar. The resulting drink is then carbonated in a pressurised tank releasing carbon dioxide.

Soft drink producers need high-quality liquid filtration to ensure uniformity of the finished product in terms of quality, taste and colour. They seek clarification of incoming streams, microbial stabilization, and protection of delicate flavor components. 

Green Synergy has a wealth of experience in everything from concentrate lines to bottling lines. Our products can achieve:

  • Particulate removal from incoming water streams

  • Provide cyst reduction from incoming water

  • Clarify sugar syrups and other flavorings/trap residual carbon fines

  • Prevent microorganisms from entering storage tanks

  • Removal of particulate and microbes from bottle rinse water

  • Microbial stabilization of make-up water

  • Deionization of incoming water streams

  • ZTEC™ B: Membrane filters provide bacterial removal and microbial stabilization – Use 0.45 or 0.65 absolute rated filters.

  • QCR™: Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cyst reduction filter.

  • PMC™, STA™, STC™, or QMC™: Melt blown pleated and depth filters are excellent for traps or prefiltration. Also use for clarifying flavors and sweeteners. 1 to 40 micron filters can be specified.

  • ZTEC™ WB, QCR™, PMA™ or PMC™: Water for blending should be filtered at 0.45 to 1 micron level.

  • TefTEC™ for tank vent: Hydrophobic PTFE membrane.

  • TefTEC™ for CO2 filtration: Can be accomplished with 0.2 or 0.45 micron hydrophobic PTFE membrane.

  • QCR™, PMA™, PMC™ or STA™: Water used for washing bottles and containers can be filtered to 0.45 to 1 micron level.

  • PMC™ or CMBF™: For carbon trap filters, use 1 to 10 micron rated cartridges.

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