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Titanium Cartridge Filtration for Corrosive Liquids

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Many Industrial processes and metal finishing applications require acid solutions to be disposed of due to the buildup of metal solids.

This often occurs before the acids and alkali in the solution (process bath) has been consumed. Disposal of such waste acid streams are becoming increasingly difficult and expensive, so the continuous recycling and filtering of an acid bath to remove the solids will extend the useful life of the bath.

TPESeries Filter Cartridges features improved mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. They are porous metal filters designed for applications involving heat, gases, aggressive chemicals, cryogenics or polymers. Made from titanium or 316L stainless steel powder that is sintered to form a rugged, fixed pore structure, TPM filters are made to withstand temperature extremes, high pressures and repeated cleaning/ backwash cycles.

There are no longitudinal seams, for improved mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. TPM filters are produced in a range of configurations and micron ratings to perform in a variety of liquid and gas applications.

Typical Applications

  • Corrosive liquids and gases

  • Cryogenic fluids

  • Process steam

  • Catalyst recovery

  • High viscosity solutions

  • High temperature liquids and gases

Click here for a copy of TPE data sheet. You may also check out the Suggested Cleaning/Regeneration Method for Porous Metal Filters.

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