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Why are power plants built near water?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Have you noticed that power plants are always built near rivers, canals or lakes? Ever wondered why? That's because they need large amounts of cooling-water!

What is cooling water?

Both nuclear and classic (gas, coal or fuel) power plants produce heat and steam to run turbines that generate electricity. This is done in a loop-system which converts water to steam and vice versa. Cooling-water is used in the condenser to cool steam into water for reuse. The cooling-water is then cooled down in cooling towers before it is released back into nature so that doesn't harm surrounding flora and fauna.

These processes require the use of water filters to remove impurities which might damage the plant's equipment. Filters remove solids and organic matter to reduce the potential for scaling.

We distribute liquid filters from Graver Technologies that has been a recognized leader for over 30 years in the supply of filtration products for the power generating industries. Contact us for inquiries.

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