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Cooling Tower Filtration

As an integral component of many cooling systems, cool­ing towers are typically used in industrial applications and in large commercial buildings to extract heat from a process or building system through evaporative cooling.

Cooling tower systems operate most efficiently when their heat transfer surfaces are clean. However, a large air-­water interface is required to create this cooling effect effectively and thus the system is subject to four major water treatment concerns: corro­sion, scaling, fouling and microbiolog­ical activity. These waterborne deposits (suspended solids) reduce heat transfer efficiency, which substantially increases the energy and cost for the operation of chillers.

Cooling tower water typically goes through blowdown treatment, which involves flushing a portion of high mineral concentration water from the tower down the train, while simultaneously replacing it with fresh water. This helps to dilute the water's mineral content that build up due to the evaporation process.

But as concerns increase with water usage due to drought and the desire to reduce wastewater dis­charge, blowdown treatment is reduced which creates higher concentrations of suspended solids. Therefore, many cooling towers are now being operated at higher contaminant concentrations (high cycle) than before, which only compounds the prob­lems within the system by increasing the deposition rate.

This is where water filtration can play a key role in preserving performance and system integrity, as well as reducing wastewater discharge. We recommend the High Flow Series Cartridge Filters (including GF and RF) which are large geometry pleated filters, as well as the PME “Absolute” Rated Economical Pleated Cartridge Filters.

Green Synergy Engineering is the sole distributor of Graver Technology Liquid Process Filters in Malaysia. Contact us to find out more about our products and services.

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