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Oil Filtration

Oil & Gas

Filters are used in almost every equipment within the oil & gas industry to remove impurities. Using the right filtration system allows oil & gas companies to improve efficiency and prolong equipment lifespan.

Cartridge filters are suited for many of their filtration segments (upstream, midstream, downstream). They are lightweight and are available in various diameters and lengths, as well as different materials. Graver Technologies has produced a range of cartridge filters for the oil & gas industry in order to meet its diverse specifications.

Discover our range of pleated filters suited for oil & gas, including the GSS™ Series , GFP™ Series, GFC™ Series, and High Flow GF Series Filter Cartridges.

Fuel Oil

Also known as furnace oil, fuel oil is primarily used for steam boilers in power plants, ships, and other industrial plants. It consists of the heaviest commercial fuels that crude oil can yield, that is heavier than petrol and naphtha.

Fuel oil can be heavily contaminated, which is why adequate filtration is necessary to achieve high levels of reliability required by modern applications, whether in industrial plants or ships. The filtration process helps to remove water and particulate matter in order to optimize engine and machine operations.

We recommend the High Flow GF Pleated Filter, which features a larger geometry to handle higher flows with fewer filter elements. The result is much faster, easier filter changeouts, as well as excellent dirt holding capacity which extends the time between filter changeouts.

Alternatively, you may opt for the RTEC G Series Resin Bonded Specialty Filter that features a micro fiberglass/phenolic resin construction that produces an extremely rigid pore structure, allowing the filter to withstand extremes of viscosity and temperature without compression or collapse.

Cutting Oil

Cutting oils are type of coolant and lubricant used for metal cutting, machining of components on lathes, and other engineering activities to improved performance. It prevents rust and maximizes the lifespan of equipment, and flush chips away from the cutting zone.

The cleaner the cutting oil that is used by manufacturers, the longer the lifespan of their tools and machinery. This is why cutting oils that are used on an industrial scale need to be filtered in order to protect flow rates and machines.

We recommend the Coax™ Series Depth Filter. Its unique design provides a true graded, two zone structure that offers a marked increase in useful life and dirt capacity.

Crude Oil

Crude oil is a type of fossil fuel that is extracted from the earth through drilling and can be refined into gasoline, kerosene, asphalt, diesel, jet fuel, and other petroleum products.

Although it is known as "black gold," it has a range of viscosity and can vary in color from black to yellow depending on its hydrocarbon composition. As it's name suggests, it is naturally crude or raw and remains mixed with impurities. Hence, filtration is necessary to remove impurities.

The RTEC G Series Resin Bonded Specialty Filter is a specialty filter that is suitable for such applications.

The RTEC G Series Resin Bonded Specialty Filter is also suitable for grease and animal oils.

Green Synergy Engineering is the sole distributor of Graver Technology Liquid Process Filters in Malaysia. Contact us to find out more about our products and services.

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