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Filtration for Food & Beverage Industry

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Filtration in the F&B industry has many benefits. It keeps foods fresher, removes spoilage organisms, prolongs shelf life, and can even help vegetables taste and smell better. Filtration also plays a critical role in maintaining food processing equipment, including protection of RO membranes used in preparation of potable water or concentration of flavors.

In many cases, investing in a good and reliable liquid filter can provide enormous economic value to the food manufacturer by ensuring that the end product is not contaminated. Without this, manufacturers will find themselves having to recall products back from the shelves due to spoilage, resulting in wastage and company losses.

It is important to select materials that are qualified for contact with foodstuffs.

In the USA, materials that are suitable for such uses are known as “FDA Listed” in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21.  We supply our clients with Graver Filters which use food-safe FDA listed materials of construction. Graver's filter cartridges for food and beverage cover the below sectors:

Click on the links available or contact us to learn more about the recommended products for each sector.

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