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Filtration in Manufacturing Adhesives

Probably no industry has a more varied group of liquid materials than the adhesives and sealants industry. From cheap glues to top-secret adhesives used in the production of composites for military aircraft, this vast range means that adhesive filtration can be relatively simple or extremely complex.

Adhesives and sealants filtration can involve a variety of materials that are water-based, solvent-based or 100 percent solids. Hence, in selecting the filter and the filtration technique, one must first be familiar with the particulate being removed — its shape, size and flexibility. For example, a gel or jelly-like particulate is often present in certain adhesives. The flexible particles can be very difficult to remove, and they can easily clog a filter if they are gummy in nature and fill up the filter pores. Choosing the right filter is key to producing high quality end product.

QXL™ Series Filter Cartridges are designed for the filtration of industrial solutions containing agglomerated particles and gels or with high viscosity. Consistent absolute retention performance is achieved throughout the pleated, layered microfiber matrix. The state-of-the-art, optimized structure provides significantly higher flow rates and throughputs than cylindrical melt blown filters.


• Hybrid pleated depth construction combines graded pore structure with high surface area. • Constructed entirely of polypropylene — Compatible with a broad range of solutions and chemicals

• Optimized pleat configuration — Provides the ideal combination of retention, flow rate and throughput

• Excellent gel and agglomerated particle retention reduces defects

• Available in common end cap configurations — Retrofits easily into most filter housings


• CMP P-O-U and Bulk Slurries

• Adhesives

• Paints

• Beverages

• Coatings

• Inks

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