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Filtration in the Petroluem Industry

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Petroleum industry deals in oil that is found deep inside the earth’s crust. It's raw form is crude and remains mixed with impurities. Hence, filtration is needed to purify it and get it rid of impurities to make it suitable for human consumption in any form.

Since presence of petroleum is crucial for survival and maintenance of the industrial civilization, its refinement, cleansing and sanitization through proper filtration process is equally important for making the product ready and fit for consumption. Which is why major oil industrial titans are in serious need of good filtration products of various pore sizes, material and shapes for decontaminating oil.

The GFC™ Microfiberglass Filter Series is a high efficiency, economical filter element is constructed of pleated Borosilicate Microfiberglass media that combines excellent flow rates with exceptional service life. The nominally-rated borosilicate microfiber depth matrix has a natural positive charge that aids in the retention of negatively charged particulates such as colloidal materials or contaminants that may form haze within a fluid. The depth characteristic of glass media also provides enhanced retention of deformable particles as compared to typical polypropylene media.


• Micron ratings from 0.2 to 30 μm — Broad application range

• Uniform pore size — High removal efficiency

• High surface area — High flow capability and dirt holding capacity

• Long service life — Minimizes maintenance costs

• Fixed pore construction — Eliminates dirt unloading at maximum differential pressure

Green Synergy has supplied Graver Technologies liquid filtration products to many big names in the oil and gas industry, including Botco, Scomi, Halliburton, Wasco and Dialog. Get in touch for product recommendations.

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