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Pharmaceutical Industry Filters

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Filtration is a key and necessary aspect of any pharmaceutical system. Using the right filter allows for the optimum purification of products. Various types of filtration systems are used by the pharmaceutical industry, each with its own purpose and advantages.

We've compiled a list of our liquid process filters which can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, along with it's relevant applications below.


Membrane Filters

Pleated membrane filters for precise removal of contaminants including vent filters, bacterial filters, and more.

1. ZTEC™ B Series (data sheet)

2. ZTEC™ G Series (data sheet)

  • Ultrapure water

3. ZTEC™ P Series (data sheet)


Depth Filters

Cylindrical products with tortuous path for capturing wide range of particle sizes and gelatinous contaminant.

1. Crystal MBF Series (data sheet)

2. MBC™ Series (data sheet)

3. Coax™ Series (data sheet)

  • Magnetic slurries

4. Stratum™ A Series (data sheet)

  • Pharmaceuticals


Pleated Filters

Pleated configuration provides higher surface area than depth filters for greater dirt holding capacity and longer on-stream life including large diameter high flow filters.

1. GFC™ Series (data sheet)

2. QMC™ Series (data sheet)

3. QSL™ Series (data sheet)

  • Aqueous solutions

  • Culture Media

  • Diagnostic Reagents

  • Active Intermediates

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